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Efficient wall thickness measurement with SIKORA

Display of wall thickness

Display of wall thickness
on the ECOCONTROL 6000

The optimization of the material usage is becoming increasingly important at the production of cables, hoses or tubes made of PE, PVC and further materials. For decades the common practice has been to measure the average wall thickness. However, if eccentricity is not taken into the equation for material optimization, this leads to a huge over consumption of insulating material, dramatically reducing the annual profits. For example, todays manufacturing of power cables is virtually impossible without adequate measuring equipment. Almost every CCV, VCV and MDCV line is equipped with a system for the measurement of diameter, wall thickness, ovality and concentricity, in 80% of cases it's an measurement system from SIKORA. But also for extrusion lines or jacketing and insulating lines, SIKORA measurement solutions are indispensable components in the production.

The most common equipment for the measurement of power cables is the SIKORA X-RAY 8000. The system provides on-line measurements of up to three insulation layers in one single step, directly after the crosshead. First introduced to the market in 1993, this system is recognized as the industrial standard for measuring medium voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage cables from 10 kV to 1GV today.

With the experience gained over 14 years and over 500 installed devices, SIKORA is now introducing the NeXT Generationof this innovative system, the X-RAY 8000 NXT. The progressive technology of the X-RAY 8000 NXT substantiates SIKORA's claim "Technology to Perfection", with improved accuracy and an array of new features, e.g. the 8-point display for all three insulation layers, XLL gate controlled X-ray tubes, the ceramic windows or the perfected Multi Sensor Technology. From an operating point of view, the X-RAY 8000 NXT allows quick and easy centering of the cable and a permanent control of the line in automatic mode, ensuring immediate operator acceptance.

The CV-INTUBE 6000 is the successor of the MHD 4000-CV, providing non-contact, precise measurement of the cable diameter with highest reliability even under harsh conditions. Until today this pioneering innovation is the standard system for several CV lines. More than 200 devices of the type MHD 4000-CV are beeing used succesfully worldwide, in steam, nitrogen and salt curing lines. In combination with a LASER Series 2000 this system provides a total wall thickness measurement. The insulation wall thickness is calculated from the diameter values measured before (LASER Series 2000 XY) and after the extruder (CV-INTUBE 6000). One additional LASER Series 2000 XY head can be used for measurement at the cold end.

SIKORA X-RAY 6000 / 6000 PRO
For jacketing and insulating lines as well as hose & tube extrusion lines, optimization of material usage is becoming increasingly important. With the X-RAY 6000 SIKORA carries the progressiveness of the X-RAY 8000 from the energy sector to the cable production of other industries. Providing the benefits of monitoring and control of the wall thickness with consideration of the eccentricity, the X-RAY 6000 allows improved profit margins and bottom line revenue. In tube & hose extrusion lines, the X-RAY 6000 had been proven to be most suitable not only for the measurement of all common materials, but for composite pipes and even rubber hoses with a fabric reinforcement layer.

For the production of coaxial cables, LAN cables as well as automotive and installation cables, SIKORA presents the logical successor to emerge from developments on the preceding CENTERVIEW 2000. The CENTERVIEW 8000 combines the proven optical-inductive measuring technique with new, unique functions such as 8-point-eccentricity and ovality measurement, the patend-pending cloud diagram for display of the single-value eccentricity and numerous improvements of precision and productivity.

State-of-the-art technology, highest safety standards and proven reliability characterize SIKORA on-line wall thickness measurement devices. Our Return On Investment Calculator may give you an idea of what savings you can expect if you decide for a SIKORA measurement device to rise your productivity.