Lump detection

Fast and precise online detection of lump and neckdowns

LUMP 2035 T lump detector

LUMP 2035 T lump detector

For a continuous quality control lump detector gauges are as equal an equipment not be missed as diameter gauges or spark testers. Surface faults like bubbles, lumps or neckdowns as small as 10µm are immediately detected and logged during the production process, their information directly forwarded to the line operator. At the delivery of the cable, hose or tube, an extraordinary quality can be assured and guaranteed with a report hardcopy.

Highest precision, reliability and functionality are some of the remarkable benefits of the 2-axis and 3-axis lump detectors LUMP 2000 XY and LUMP 2000 T, which are easily integrated into every type of production line, detecting the tiniest imperfections on the surface of cables, tubes and hoses.

By means of a powerful signal processor not only standard functions but also type, size, length and location of the error are analyzed, displayed and logged. The advanced design with an unique double sensor technology, utilizing SMD electronics and IR diodes satisfies the permanently increasing demands of the wire and cable industry for quality and productivity even under harsh conditions, dirty environments or extreme vibrations of the cable. The LUMP 2000 XY devices with 2-axis design are remarkably robust and easily integrated into every production line due to their small dimensions.

The LUMP 2000 T series offers an even more precise lump and neckdown detection, offering the same combination of double sonsor technology as the LUMP 2000 XY series, but with 3-axis detection precision for smallest, punctual imperfections at extremely high line speeds.